MSX Games

Westen House (2021): Westen House is an isometric adventure that has the goal of exploring the possibility of creating an isometric game for MSX1 that exploits hardware sprites to increase the colorfulness of the game. I grew up playing classics like Batman and Head over Heels, which were my favorite isometric games, and I have been wanting to make an isometric game for a very long time. I hope you enjoy the game and the story!

Westen House titleWesten House in-game


The Menace from Triton (2020): The Menace from Triton is a horizontal shooting game inspired in some of my favorite MSX classic shooters like Salamander or the Nemesis saga, but with elements of a few modern shooter games that I really like (in particular Steredenn and Z-Exemplar, which I recommend you trying!). The game combines arcade-style horizontal shooter action with the resource managing/shop mechanics of Z-Exemplar, and the procedural generation of Steredenn. The first levels start out quite easy, but the game gets harder and harder towards the end. So, make sure you upgrade your ship as much as possible, or it will be impossible to defeat Triton!. The Menace from Triton participated in the MSXDev 2020 competition and ended up in 1st position!

The Menace from Triton titleThe Menace from Triton gameplay


XRacing (2019): an MSX car racing game inspired in one of my favorite Commodore Amiga games: Super Cars. The game features 3 different car categories to beat (stock cars, endurance cars and Formula 1). Earn money by winning races and use it to buy better cars, needed to win in the later stages of the game. XRacing participated in the MSXDev 2018 competition and ended up in 1st position in the MSX classic category!

XRacing titleXRacing screenshot

XSpelunker (2017): an MSX platform game inspired by Spelunky and Livingstone Supongo. Procedurally generated levels, many different weapons and items to add special abilities to your character (machete, arrows, rocks, guns, bow, shields, boots, etc.) and three different scenarios to beat. Would you be able to guide Michael S. Xavier to discover the secret of the Mayan ruins? XSpelunker participated in the MSXDev 2017 competition and ended up in 1st position in the MSX classic category!

XSpelunker titleXSpelunker screenshot

Tales of Popolon (2017): a 3D raycasting dungeon crawler set in the same universe as Knightmare and the Maze of Galious for first generation MSX computers. Tales of Popolon participated in the MSXDev 2017 competition and ended up in 3rd position in the MSX classic category!

ToP title screenToP screenshot

Transball (2016): an MSX version of my Thrust-like Transball game. Make your way through 16 levels of increasingly difficulty where your main enemy is gravity! The goal in every level is to capture the power sphere and bring it back to the top of the screen.

Transball title screenTransball screenshot